Custom hats designed with love and intention for all seasons and outings. Customized with accents from natural elements such as gemstones, metals and feathers are added to create one of a kind fashion pieces. Get in touch with the elements : earth, air, fire, water

Material : most hate are made of Felt and/or Wool. Sizes range from Small to Medium with either Velcro tightening options or Inserts.

Style of hats consistent with "Gambler"; "Fedora"; "BOHO".

Customization's offer the wearer a unique style and authentic piece. Contact La Cara to discuss additional customization options.

Available per custom order. Limited stock. Each item is a one of a kind.

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  • The Naturalist, Element BOHO Hat, Custom Wide Stiff Brim, Gambler Hats, Unisex Hat, Fedora
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